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Risperdal and Children

The dangers of many newer medications are that the safety of that drug has not yet been established for use in children. In fact, Risperdal has been linked to gynecomastia in boys. Risperdal was first approved as an antipsychotic drug and has only been approved to treat symptoms of adult schizophrenia. These days, psychiatric drug prescriptions for children have become an increasingly controversial trend. Many people feel that the introduction of newer psychiatric drugs has further extended the gap for drug treatment in place of counseling.

In particular, prescribing antipsychotic drugs, such as Risperdal to children, is a source of debate. Risperdal children have reported severe and often permanent effects from use of the antipsychotic drug. Risperdal is considered a newer type of antipsychotic drug and the use of newer and more powerful drugs may be permanently disabling the country's youth instead of helping them cope with behavioral problems.

It is important for Risperdal children to acknowledge that the FDA has warned that the safety has never been established. Despite this warning, Risperdal appears to be a more favored drug choice of psychiatrists that continue prescribing Risperdal children. Some doctors claim that Risperdal children helps keep otherwise troubled kids safer, but child advocates think otherwise.

The child advocates view the Risperdal children as part of a national epidemic of legal drug abuse. Risperdal children are examples of people that are not mentally ill but are given very powerful medications that have only been tested on adults. Instead of dealing with the underlying problems of children's bad behaviors, doctors may be prescribing Risperdal children instead because it is cheaper and perhaps a lot easier to place a band-aid on the wound instead of healing it.

In January 2003, Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, a medical journal, reported on the large increase in children being given psychiatric drugs across the nation. According to the report, children taking psychiatric drugs in the past decade have at least doubled to more than 6%. The study's lead author Julie Magno Zito was disturbed at the types of drugs that were included in the large increase, including Risperdal children, drugs created for psychotic adults and not children. Zito thinks that with drugs like Risperdal children, there is not an extensive amount of research on how the Risperdal compounds affect the young drug users.

Perhaps the most affected Risperdal children appear to be the youth in foster homes. Foster homes that promote Risperdal children use claim that although the drugs have not been studied on kids, many times the only medications that can be used for a particular diagnosis have not yet been studied on kids. This view may be true in some instances, however many Risperdal children are not schizophrenic and do not suffer from other severe mental illness. Instead, the Risperdal children have been given the strong psychotropic medicine for conduct disorders and to ease symptoms of brain dysfunction like attention deficit disorder.

Zito believes, We need a serious research agenda to reassure use that the medications are being used appropriately when the patient is a child.  Parents that have had Risperdal children that are now suffering serious side effects agree.  If you have had Risperdal children suffer serious side effects and would like more information contact us to confer with a Risperdal children attorney.

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